Andrzej Bernat

OSB Consultant


“Leadership is the art of combining management and communication for optimum effects”.

Are you satisfied with your strategy and organizational development?

Could you benefit from team’s activities alignment to their strategy implementation plan, and change management, as well as in team building?

Is your operation globally competitive?

Who Am I

I am result-driven with proven achievements to outperform budgets and grow revenues with the ability to adapt to new challenges and dramatically improve bottom-line results. I have over 30 years of leadership and management experience in manufacturing operations. I do have some experience, that is hard to come by. My wood industry knowledge gives me a unique ability to apply this expertise, in all its forms to business processes.
Multilevel OSB Lines
Siempelkamp Continuous OSB Production Lines
Process & Cost Control
Continuous Process Improvements
Manufacturing Operations Management
Operations Turnarounds
Team Leadership
Process Optimization
Lean Manufacturing Cost Reduction

Why was this successful?

Success was accomplished by providing leadership through personal example. The main objective in obtaining positive results is to lead, motivate and direct teams by emerging employees’ collective talent and to contribute to the growth and increase of stakeholder’s value.

Open-mindedness, the perception of potential and opportunities, and trust in one’s personal resources are the most important drivers for effective actions.

Some of accomplishments are:

How will my knowledge
benefit your company?

Together with domestic and international experiences in manufacturing practices, I have an exceptional expertise in OSB manufacturing processes, and in the technical aspects of developing quality panels.

My goal and my ambition always were and always will be to develop the best quality panels. What makes the best quality? The best quality panel is board with proper density, moisture content, resin distribution, with proper board thickness, and an excellent durability for its application.

This starts from an understanding of wood cell and from comprehension how the wood cell is reacting to heat, moisture, and pressure throughout the entire OSB cycle from log to ready panel. This expertise extends later into the value-added aspect where an accurate decision must be made to determine what kind of raw material should be used in the production of high-quality products.

Logs moisture content, debarking, logs conditioning, stranding, drying, blending, forming, pressing, storage, and handling they all have a significant impact on the final product. This “secret” starts right at the wood cell level, where free water and bound water movement must be properly understood.

My technical process knowledge and wood handling expertise from the forest to ready product helped me in developing very competitive and cost-effective manufacturing operations.

“Organization and Leadership: Both need constant adjustment towards the future.”

My consulting activities for manufacturing operations also contains:

  • Facilitating change processes in organizations
  • Developing efficient leadership teams
  • Designing and implementing of Leadership Development Programs
  • Consulting of HR: strategy development, implementing and developing HR business partner concept, design and implementation of HR tools and instruments
  • Design and implementation of potential assessment methods organizational crisis and transformation processes
  • Leadership development programs dealing with strategy, leadership, change and innovation management 
  • Development and implementation of new business processes and agile working methods
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Team building to help new teams get up and running, to align them to changed aims and objectives, and to help them in difficult or conflictual situations

This extensive experience is my offer to you, and I am confident that given the opportunity to do this I will make significant improvements in all your operations.

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