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Hello – I’m Andrzej Bernat

Operations, Process Improvement and OSB Consultant



  • Experienced Industrial Engineer and leader with extensive expertise in strategic direction, operational excellence, and employee training. Accomplishments include 180-degree turnarounds for under-performing operations, green-field (first in the world continuous OSB line), cost reduction, and continuous improvement in safety, productivity, efficiency, and quality. A skilled coach and motivator with the ability to work with diverse, cross-functional teams. A dynamic and passionate individual with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.


Lean Manufacturing
Process Improvement
Product Development
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Root Cause Analysis

Andrzej also knows about:

Negotiation, Business Process Improvement, Leadership, Quality System, Preventive Maintenance, Global Operations, Strategic Planning, Manufacturing Operations Management, Team Building, Business Strategy, Logistics, Contract NegotiationInventory ManagementPricing.

Consulting Activities

  • Strategy development, implementation, and coaching management teams
  • Team building to help new teams get up and running, to align them to changed goals and objectives, and to help them in difficult  situations
  • Supporting organizations with change processes
  • Facilitating the development of high-performance leadership teams
  • Leadership development and culture change processes to bring together individuals and organization
  • Support for leaders in implementing change efficiently
  • Supervision and coaching of production teams
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Experienced in working in unionized and non-unionized environment.


Composite Panel Industry

  • Reduced fines production to save 2 million dollars per year through implementation of a Yard Circulation System and Raw Material Quality Standards
  • Mentored and coached management teams and production employees
  • Improved process reliability through the implementation of process control techniques including continuous improvement, waste reduction, quality improvements, uptime, and maintenance enhancement
  • Executed modifications to Forming Lines and Forming Heads (10%-15%  reduction in density), press recipes enhancements, new resin trials, gluing process improvements and modification resulting in 10 to 15% cost savings in resin, and overall board quality improvements of 10%-15%.
  • Wrote and delivered training programs on every aspect of the OSB process.
  • Developed an appropriate internal control processes and accountability structures for the entire production process
  • Develop strategic plans for the growth of the companies including the improvements of processes and equipment, increased efficiency and improved quality
  • Affected a turnaround that quadrupled production of an aging particleboard mill through the restructuring of all mill department teams and 24 capital projects

Value-added Sector

  • Mentored and coached management teams and production employees
  • Partnered with plant teams to define and execute business strategy for breakthrough levels of improvement in customer satisfaction, process capability, quality, and communication
  • Increased production volume by 25-30% and product quality by 20% for twelve IKEA suppliers of solid wood and flat line furniture
  • Enhanced operational efficiency by 15-20%, by restructuring departments and optimizing a process-driven environment  
  • Diminished plant waste and document errors by 30-40%
  • Developed and facilitated 16 training programs to build teams, improve processes, and exceed goals
  • Reduced waste by 10-15%, improved quality 10-15% and increased productivity 10-15%







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Weekdays 9AM – 5PM